Hamsters are the most adorable little creatures to have as pets. You always want to hold them, play around with them and watch them run around in their cages. But what happens when the little guy runs away from your caress, won’t eat your food or even dare come close to you?

Hamsters are naturally very curious animals. They are never too quick to respond or make uncertain moves. If you want to get on your little friend’s good side, you have to show him or her that you are trustworthy. How you ask? Read on to find out.

  • Place your hamster in a cozy cage in a warm room away from too much traffic
  • Stand near the cage frequently to check on him several times a day as he gets acclimatized to his new surroundings
  • Do not touch him. As your little pet studies his new home, his senses are very alert. You should hence give him time before it is ok to touch him.
  • Offer him treats while calmly dangling it prompting the hamster to reach out. Be sure to maintain your distance. There’s a chance that he still doesn’t feel comfortable enough around you to drop his guard.
  • Keep offering treats if the first few times fail. If he reached out, next time place the treat on the palm of your hand and let him get to the treat. Be as gentle as possible.
  • The hamster may either respond by picking the treat and then running back at the cage corner where he’s most comfortable or he could stay and make your palm his feeding bowl. 
  • There’s a good chance that the hamster stays put and doesn’t come anywhere near you. In this case, it is advisable to stay patient with the little guy and give him time, he will soon come around. 
  • Keep offering him treats until the hamster responds as you desire. Note that you start with only one hand. Using both hands will make the hamster uncomfortable.
  • After a few days of feeding him successfully, you can now try to hold him with both hands to see if he is up for it. If he does well and good, if he doesn’t then tomorrow is another day to give it another try.

When trying to get your hamster to trust you, patience is key. Do not force anything but rather let him go at his own pace. Eventually, you’ll find out that hamsters are the most lovable little animals on earth. Plus they make really good friends.

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