Essentially, dogs and cats can be amazing pets to have in your home and at one point, you might be tempted to keep both as your pets under the same house. But can cats and dogs live peacefully together? I know the question might appear somewhat ridiculous to people with friendly feline and canine residents, however, the unenlightened may have never seen any actual scenario where dogs and cats stay in harmony even in the same home

Indeed, it is quite essential to note that there are different circumstances that may have an influence on whether your cat or dog will cope with their four-legged equivalent- size, breed, and general temperature, just to mention a few. Still, there may be some things you can do to build a healthy relationship.

As per a research conducted in 2008, you can succeed in achieving a healthy relationship among your pets by introducing them at an early age. The study further revealed that one can achieve this by introducing the cats at most 6 months and the dogs brought in before their first anniversary.

But why should the animosity exist among these two pets?

One cause for the usual fight among these two pets may have been confused inter-species signs. Dogs and cats may not have been in a position to interpret each other’s boy signals. For instance, dogs ordinarily growl when enraged, while cats naturally lash their tails. Again, a cat’s sidetracked head apparently indicates hostility, while in a dog the same head condition indicates obedience.

But there is no reason to give up on this. If you are yet to get convinced that your cat and dog can really leave peacefully in one room then read more.

Another researcher by the name Prof. Terkel discovered that both dogs and cats had the capacity to grow beyond their natural instincts. With that, they can master to perceive each other’s body signs, implying that these species may have something in common more than what is obvious.

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