When we want to treat our dogs with some tasteful food, we can make some huge mistakes. Not all kinds of food are good for our dogs, and that is why we should pay attention to these 5 foods we should never share with them.

1. Fruits

Fruits may seem healthy, but dogs cannot properly digest the nutrients inside most of the fruits. Grapes, avocados and plums are full of persin and other elements that could be highly toxic for our dogs. Fruits are not natural foods for them and that is why they do not digest them well. Keep these foods for your own healthy meal and do not share it with your pet friends.

2. Macadamia nuts

Macadamia nuts are something our dogs love to eat, but these are particularly harmful to them. Eating these nuts can cause vomiting, increased body temperature and nervous system troubles. If you want to treat them with some nuts, go for peanuts and make sure not to mix them with other types of nuts.

3. Garlic

We all know how beneficial garlic is. But, it is not equally good for our dogs. During the consumption of garlic, our dogs can experience some huge troubles, like elevated heart rate and weakness. For all these reasons, garlic is not recommended for them.

4. Ice cream

Most professionals try to convince us that our dogs cannot digest dairy products. It is all true and we should stick to this fact. Ice cream and milk are harmful to dogs as these foods produce indigestion and stomach cramps.

5. Alcohol

We can certainly enjoy a glass of wine or a beer on some good occasion, but our dogs should not share this enjoyment. When taken by our dogs, alcohol can produce vomiting, diarrhea and breathing problems. Alcohol is simply not made for them.

All these foods are part of our habits, but we should not share them with our dog companions. They deserve only the best. With proper nutrition and a lot of care, we can make them healthy and fit for a long time.ime.

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