It is not unusual to find an abandoned newborn kitten, especially during the summer and spring season. So the big question is; what do you do if you find a newborn kitten? In this article, we are going to tell you exactly what you need to do to save that precious little life.

1. First, wait and watch

Before you take any action, take your time and watch to confirm if indeed the kitten is abandoned or orphaned. Sometimes you may think that the mother has abandoned its child only to see it reappear later. Maybe the mother has gone to search for food. Before you take action, try to determine if the mother is coming back or if the kitten is truly abandoned or orphaned. The overall health condition of the kitten can also help you determine if it is orphaned or abandoned.

2. Keep the kitten warm

If you realize that the kitten is orphaned or abandoned, the first thing that you need to do is keeping the newborn kitten warm. Cover the kitten with your shirt to keep it warm. Remember that the newborn kitten is not able to generate its own heat. The best way to keep it warm is by keeping it close to you to transfer your body heat.

3. Place corn syrup inside the kitten lips

You will most likely find the newborn kitten weak. Before you start feeding it, start by placing a corn syrup inside the lips next to the gum. This will give the newborn kitten the much-needed energy. Alternatively, you can put some small of warm sugar water into its mouth. Put one or two drops at a time because the kitten may be too weak to swallow more drops.

4. Bottle feed the kitten

Once the newborn kitten is warm and has gained the much-needed energy, you can start to bottle feed it. Ensure that you use a milk replacer specifically formulated for the kitten. Do not feed it with a kitten or cow milk sold at your local food store. It needs to be actual milk replacer.

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