It goes without saying that trimming your cat’s nails after every few weeks helps to keep your pet healthy. However, not all cats require their claws to be trimmed. Outdoor cats use their nails for catching prey, defence, and climbing. If you trim their claws, they may find it hard to go about with their daily lives. However, if you have indoor cats you may need to trim their nails more often. Indoor cats can wreak havoc on your carpet, sofa, or furniture if their claws are not trimmed. The last thing you want to see is your expensive sofa or furniture destroyed by your cat’s claws. That is why it is you have scratching posts inside your home. Indoor cats prefer to use scratching posts to sharpen their claws than your furniture.

However, if you forget to trim your cat claws because they are not destroying your furniture, there is the risk that their nails will grow longer and sharper. This presents the danger of your cat sticking their claws into your skin if you get in their way. Clipping your cat’s nails will make them less lethal to you and your furniture. If the thought of trimming your cat’s claws gives you goosebumps, know that patience and practice is the key to enhancing your skills. There are many tools that can be used to trim your cat’s claws. You can use a special pair of scissors designed to hold your cat’s nails in place or a human nail clipper. Whatever tool you use, make sure the blade is sharp to avoid hurting your feline friend.

Before you trim you cat’s claws make sure both you and your cat are comfortable with the nail clippers. Days before you trim your cat’s claws, place the clipper in front of your cat while giving them a treat. Let them sniff the clipper and get used to it. Practice pressing your cat’s paws to extend their claws. On the d-day, this is how to trim your cat’s nails. Hold your feline friend on your lap or place her on your couch. Once she’s comfortably in position, give her a treat. With your pet’s back pressing against your chest, gently hold your cat’s paw and extend her nails. Use your other hand to give her a treat. As your cat enjoys her treat, use clippers to trim the nip of her claws. Keep giving her treats after trimming two nails. This will make the process of nail trimming much easier for both of you. It is recommended you trim your cat after every two weeks or twice a month.

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