It’s true that owning a cat is more convenient than owning a dog. Since we love our pets so much there are expenses that we must incur when taking care of them, and the cost of having a dog as a pet surpasses that of getting a cat.

1. Dog food is more expensive

When it comes to food a dog will consume more than a cat. With this simple illustration caring for a cat is much more affordable comparing it with a dog.

2. Cats require less Accommodation Space

As we all know cats are relatively smaller comparing them to most dogs. All a cat wants is a small litter box which should be cleaned regularly. You can also incorporate cat shelves which are cheap to install whereas for a dog you may need a kennel and obviously it will consume a lot of space.

3. They are cleaner

Cats like to play but not as much as dogs. There are many instances where all pets could stay indoors all day but the cat will come in more tidier than the dog. This is because the cats like to groom themselves and they tend to stay indoors most of the time taking naps.

4. They require less supervision

Cats are just adorable and they have this tendency of staying alone and following easy and simple instructions whereas for dogs specific training is required to tame the animal to follow specific orders and instructions. Dogs at times tend to be disobedient and require force to make them perform a task, you never hear this from cats.

5. Litter boxes are easier you think

When it comes to toilet time, dogs have a bad behavior of defecating anywhere and leaving the poop exposed. Dogs are also more territorial and they tend to spray pee everywhere. You also need to constantly wear gloves and plastics bags to clean their mess. Cats on the other side are more responsible since they only need a litter box that is emptied and cleaned regularly. When the cat is outdoors it also buries its poop leaving no trace showing a sense of responsibility.

Anyway, we are blessed to have these two in our life.

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